Troubleshoot your sound using our surprisingly simple tone optimization method and enjoy consistently clear tone.
Start every practice session feeling confident your flute tone will sound beautiful and clear.
A few months ago, we asked our community of beginner (and beginning again) players ... “How would you describe your sound?”

My inbox quickly filled up with people asking for help with airy and inconsistent flute tone. 👇

We cover

✅step by step embouchure formation
✅tonguing and the concept of resonance
✅air support
✅correct posture
✅understanding embouchure flexibility with harmonics and more...
So we recorded the Optimize your Flute Tone Workshop as a highly actionable guide for a group of players struggling with airy and inconsistent tone.
We received a lot of positive feedback from this session, so we’ve decided to make it available to everyone. 
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Optimize your Flute Tone Workshop Replay
A highly actionable, step-by-step guide for players struggling with airy and inconsistent tone. In this workshop you’ll learn the tiny changes that can lead to huge improvements in your flute tone including the step by step process for correct embouchure formation, tonguing, air support, posture and more.
You'll receive
  • The 45 minute workshop recording + Q&A session with players getting real-time feedback and tips to improve their sound
  • Google Doc with practical tips and exercises to improve your sound
Have a quick question about the Optimize your Flute Tone Workshop? Send me a message at and I’ll help you out. 
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